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Back in 2016

Our Master Chef of GB Ed McLachlan was working for the royal family of Abu Dhabi and found himself tinkering away with a new hot sauce recipe.

It was a traditional Lebanese-style sauce but Chef Ed (being the alchemist that he is) found himself thinking “What if I swapped out the standard chillies for scotch bonnets – and what if I used fermentation to explode their fruity flavour without making things overwhelmingly hot?”

After tasting his new creation, Ed was so thrilled that he yelled “YAMZA!” and low, the brand was born.…

...Okay that last part’s not technically true, the name YAMZA! actually comes from the Arabic word “yamzaj”, meaning to blend – because that’s what we’re all about, blending traditional Middle Eastern flavours with ingredients and techniques from around the world to create a totally unique Eastern fusion cuisine.

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Fast forward to 2022

And we found ourselves serving this Eastern fusion cuisine from a bright purple food truck (as you do).

By this time, Ed hadn’t only perfected one YAMZA! hot sauce but three, ‘The Red One’ ‘The Orange One’ and ‘The Green One’ – and the response from customers was so warm (some might say hot) that we knew we had to bottle them up and bring them to the rest of the world.

Now our mission is to help everyone experience the “Full-on Eastern Fusion” – big, bold, beautiful new flavours that will bring your plates to life. With even more creations in the pipeline, the YAMZA! journey is only just beginning, and we’re thrilled to have you along for the ride!


Explore beautifully blended hot sauces with heat levels everyone can enjoy.